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Liu la Namikango

Dec 9, 2019

Teaching the Word of God is thegreatest work Jesus Christ commandedus to do before He ascended to heaven.". . . go and make disciples of all nations,baptizing them in the name of the Fatherand of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, andteaching them to obey everything I havecommanded you.”

The early church treated the Gospelwith a sense of urgency, defying thethreats which were coming from the hostile environmentaround them.

Today, we here at Namikango have a number of ways wherewe can share the Good News of the Gospel. One of them isthrough Namikango’s printed bulletin, the "Liu la Namikango"(translation: “The Voice of Namikango”).

Namikango Bible School has been publishing a bulletin formany years; through this publication we have managed topresent Bible teachings to many people across Malawi. With thegrowing number of churches here, it is not possible to reach andteach all of them individually through normal church visits andcamp meetings.

However, with "The Voice" we are able to reach people withthe Gospel of Jesus Christ in places that we have never visited.Many people who receive it will pass it on to share with others.Plus, this publication is doing multiple tasks – in addition tospreading the Gospel, we also use it to communicate news from neighboring churches and information about the ministries andactivities Namikango is carrying out.

This year we have produced two volumes. The first one cameout in March under the theme, “Loving God by loving your neighbour” and the second issue in October titled, “Walking andliving by the Spirit” from Galatians 5:25. Each volume had 5,000copies which were distributed to churches across Malawi, withour main target being the church leaders.

When a leader gets their bulletin, they are encouraged to readthe message and share the teaching with their congregation andits members. Namikango often receives good feedback frompeople who receive the "Liu,” signifying that this ministry istouching many souls.

by Stanley Mkwanda