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Dec 9, 2019

While the camp meetings are an impressive ministry, withthousands of people attending to hear the Gospel and hundreds ofchurches affected, the staff here at Namikango are well aware thatmore is needed than these big events to grow a disciple; (Disciple:one of the twelve - a learner; a dedicated follower). Discipleshipcannot be achieved over the course of a weekend, but rather is a lifelong,daily journey with Christ and this is best in community with otherfollowers.

Following the example of Jesus, Namikango works with smallgroups of church leaders who have committed to long-termdiscipleship and service. Currently the Education Department isworking with two groups, one male and one female. These groupsmeet every other month for several days to learn together, to discusslife’s joys and issues, to pray for each other, and to be in communitywith other leaders.

The Men’s Journey Group has been together for nearly four years now and they have traveled through many issues and problems. They have encouraged each other in ministry,sympathized with setbacks, and celebrated victories. This group has been so serious about being disciples that for the first three years of meetings, they would not discuss the issues facing the churches, but rather focused on their own hearts, understanding themselves aschildren of God. Because they were able to open their hearts to God,the group is now able to discuss Biblical, theological, and ecclesialtopics and issues from a place of humility and through the eyes ofChrist. This has led to intense, meaningful conversations, deep Bible studies, and changed lives.

The Women’s Journey Group has been together for a year anda half now and it is already evident that we can expect great things from them. Each woman is active in her community and has been through some form of Biblical training. These women actively take opportunities to evangelize and encourage the churches, and their passion for the Gospel is obvious. This group regularly communicates outside of the group meetings, choosing special days to fast, days for prayer, and days for ministry.They are an incredible group of women and they are so grateful that Namikango provides training and discipleship for women as well as for men.

by Eric Gephart