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God can do wonders with a seed planted in good hearts.

Dec 9, 2019

Teaching the Bible with the aim of glorifying the livingWord of God has been Namikango’s key work from the very beginning. Over the years, this has been done in manydifferent ways, especially through daily studies carried out through the Village Bible Schools.

The focus of this bulletin, however, will be the other wayswe are sharing God’s Word. We will look at different waysof teaching and disciplining that Namikango is involved in,ranging from weekend Gospel Meetings with large groups ofchurches to weekly radio broadcasting, to spendingconcentrated time with a few individuals at a time, and, mostrecently, the restarting of written literature.

We all need to hear and be reminded of the Gospel everyday, and these are a few of the ways we try to do that herein Malawi. We want to do all we can to share the Word of God in as many ways and to as many people as possible.

God can do wonders with a seed planted in goodhearts.

by Ben Hayes