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Dec 20, 2019

Hello all,My name is Moses Nsema. I have just finished a full yearand a month since joining the wonderful team at NamikangoMission. I am so blessed to be part of this godly group.Everyone has accepted me and have willingly shared their skillsand knowledge with me, helping me to fit in easily and to do agood job.
Working as a Clinic Administrator here at the Mission hasbeen inspiring. Namikango Maternity Clinic has been here forseveral decades now. I have known some people who wereborn here and they praise God for the good results this facilityhas in the area.
Helping provide “Safe Motherhood” is one of our goals at theClinic; this has made a huge impact on the community. Weserve an area of over 33,000 people, and since I am the oneentrusted to run this facility, it humbles me. I constantly hearthe successful stories and praise from the community and fromgovernment officials. Namikango Maternity Clinic has broughthuge smiles to many and we trust God is very happy with thework done here.
Looking forward, I cannot wait for us to venture into an OutPatient Department (O.P.D.) which the team has been workingon for some years now. I am even more excited now as thepreparations have mostly come to an end. We will soon be ableto serve an even larger range of illnesses and accidents. Lordwilling, this will happen in the near future. I look forward tomeeting the new challenges that the O.P.D. might bring. It willstrengthen the reputation of Namikango and will also open thedoor of goodwill for those who carry God’s message to thepeople. It will also allow us all to grow in God’s grace and mercy.
Lastly, I would like to thank all the Directors of Namikango fortheir support and for mentoring me during my first year workingwith them. I am eagerly looking forward to the bright future ofNamikango Mission. Thank you all.
Moses Nsema