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Dec 20, 2019

The word is out!
Since its very beginning, Namikango Mission has wanted to help the people of Malawi, not to take advantage of them. We want to share the blessings of Christ and His message of salvation. But more than just teach, we want to look and act like Christ, who loved and helped the people He taught.
One way we have done this is by having a Maternity Clinic to help mothers have safer childbirths. Namikango has been a mission of passion, love, and grace - and the Maternity Clinic says that loud and clear.
We are outsiders in Malawi and too often outsiders develop a reputation for taking advantage of the people and treating them unfairly. That is not the case with Namikango; this became clear to all when we saw a need and filled that need by establishing the Maternity Clinic in 1974.
There are over 33,000 people living in our immediate area. Most of the women were giving birth without experienced helpers, often leading to serious complications and many fatalities.
Early on, we received commendations from the government allowing us to partner with CHAM (Christian Health Association of Malawi). In working with them, we provide the facilities and services to the mothers free of charge and the nurses’ salaries are paid by CHAM.
The Clinic offers Deliveries; Childcare Services for children under age 5; Prenatal and Postnatal-care; Counseling; Testing for HIV, and AIDS services. These last items were added later due to the large HIV problems that have spread in Africa.
We currently have a team of 10 well-trained nurses and midwifes who are assisted by six experienced patient attendants. In the early days, the Clinic had about 60 deliveries per month with a small fee incurred. When the services went to free services with the government connection, the number of deliveries went up to an average of 100 births per month.
Because of Namikango’s excellent reputation, we have been asked over the years by the government to expand into a hospital. While not being able to make that large step, we have been working towards extending our services to other needs. The recently completed Out-Patient Clinic will allow us to do just that. We will be able to sell important medicines that are not available over the counter as well as testing for and treating Malaria and treating accidents and other sicknesses.
In 2018, our status with the government was upgraded by CHAM from “Maternity Clinic” to “Health Center,” which gives us the freedom to expand. Over the last 1½ years we have been building the facilities to house the Outpatient Clinic.
Last month, we received certification from the Medical Council of Malawi, which means we are one step closer to being able to operate the new clinic. We expect to open in early 2020.
by Ben Hayes