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41 Years Ago

Jan 27, 2020

As I sit here in Malawi, I can reflect on the many things the Lord has done over the past 41 years since my first visit to Namikango.
I am here with Kalith and Vaughn Brown, my brother-in-law and sister. We travelled over with Sharon Lewis-Griffith and first stopped in Tanzania to visit the work Ricky & Allison Lewis are doing at HOPAC School in Dar. Then Kalith, Vaughn, and I continued on to Malawi and have spent the past week with Ben, Ryan, their families, and with Eric Gephart.
The Welch, TX, church where Kalith & Vaughn attend, and where he preaches, has supported the work at Namikango since the very beginning in 1961, but this is the first time they have been able to visit and see the workfirst-hand. We are seeing some outstanding work in progress, including:
Revising the Bible School,
The discipleship-mentoring program,
The Maternity & HIV Clinics,
Opening a health care centerThe sustainable agriculture projects,
including the coffee production and processing facility,
Farming God’s Way program,
Village Savings and Loan, and lastly,
The new soccer field being developed.
Ben, Ryan, Eric, Kalith, and I, spent a day-and-a-half with a Journey Group which included twelve Malawian brothers. The focus of this discipleship group was on 'prayer and fasting,' andI must say it was an excellent time of study and fellowship together.
This outstanding work that was being done by B Shelburne and Lendal Wilks, when I came in 1979, is still bearing fruit as the present missionary team and the Malawian brothers and sisters continue to expand on that foundation and grow in strength, faith, and love. It was a remarkable visit.
by Kirk Hayes