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Re-Construction at Ntonda School

Jan 27, 2020

We recently went to Ntonda School to celebrate the teachers’work for the year 2019. There are 28 full time teachers, the headmaster, and the Mission Bible teacher. Each year we go out to say thanks and offer a small cash gift to celebrate the work that has been done and to encourage teachers to keep up their good work. It was an enjoyable meeting and a good start to the Christmas Holiday.
Another item that made the day one to celebrate was getting to see the re-construction of one the classroom blocks that had been damaged by the storms. World Vision and another NGO(non-government org.) had selected Ntonda School as one ofthe projects to help as a result of the disaster. They began remodeling two classrooms (one block) and it has gone alongreally well. When it is finished, this will bring the total classrooms at Ntonda to 15, This is really a MAJOR improvement. We are so blessed to have other organizations respect our work enough to offer support like this when there is a need. We're really grateful for the work they are doing, and look forward to being able to use the classrooms.
Ben Hayes