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An Emotional Visit

Feb 25, 2020

My wife, Vaughn, and I were blessed to be able to visit Malawi this past January. It was our first trip to Namikango after knowing about this work for most of our lives. We both grew up in the church at Welch, Texas, which has supported the work at Namikango since its beginning.

It was quite an emotional experience the first day we arrived at the Mission and had our picture taken on the steps of the main building. We remembered seeing photos of Roland and Wanda Hayes and B. and Ruth Shelburne and their families standing in the same place that we were that day! We felt blessed to be there.

From those same steps we were able to see the newclassrooms along with the new administration building that is nearing completion. In fact, Ben, Ryan, Kirk, Eric, and I met in the new classroom for a day and a half with preachers from all over the area and enjoyed teaching and discussing the topic of prayer and fasting. I especially enjoyed the time with these men who are sharing the Good News of Jesus throughout Malawi.

There is so much happening at Namikango that it was hard to take it all in!

Being a farmer myself, it was very interesting for me to see the progress being made in teaching "a better way of farming" in Malawi. They have what we call "test plots"showing the different results you get when you incorporate what they call "Growing God's Way". This method is what we here in West Texas often term"minimum till" farming. The emphasis is to build the soil by returning organic matter to it. It was great to walk in those fields and see the good results from this better way of farming.

We also enjoyed touring the coffee fields on the Mission and seeing the structure that Welch Church of Christ helped to build where the coffee will be processed and packaged for sale, to help supplement future Mission ministries.

Vaughn was blessed to speak to the patients and staff at the maternity clinic on the mission. She led them in a devotional and then while visiting the newborns was asked by a new father to name their baby girl! She was humbled by this request and chose the name Grace. The parents seemed pleased!

Of course, some of our greatest enjoyments of the trip was spending time with Ben, Becca, Braylon, Brooklyn, and Britain & Ryan, Justine, Amelie, Lily, and Rylee. It was so good to play with all the kids and get to know them much better.

Ben, Ryan, and Eric have their hands full! It is truly amazing to see how many worthy projects they are juggling! These families are incredible!

They made us feel very welcome and we are so thankful for them and the Kingdom work they are doing.

by Kalith Brown