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Year-End Staff Awards

Feb 25, 2020

As is the tradition at year's end for the Mission staff, we gathered for a joyful time of celebration and honoring those who have worked well throughout the year.
Good food and soft drinks were served with the exchanging of gifts. This was followed by speeches from Ben, Ryan, and Eric who reported on progress for the year.
The following were honored in various categories:
Among the Maternity Clinic Staff
Most Hard-Working Everess Kabanda (Senior Nurse)
Most Punctual Bridget Malumbe (Nurse)
Most Well Dressed Moses Nsema (Clinic Administrator)
Employee of the Year Margaret Gunde (Nurse)
Among the Mission Staff
Most Hard-Working Joel Chimpeni (Maintenance Foreman)
Most Punctual Hudson Malinga (Office Assistant)
Most Well Dressed Tiya Kaumbata (Accounts Assistant)
Employee of the Year Andrew Kwisongole (Mission Administrator)
Then came time to present the gifts and awards to members of staff who have performed well during the year. This is always a joyous time. Several awards were given out to staff members, both for the Mission staff and the Maternity Clinic staff.
It was an enjoyable time as 2019 came to an end - with Best Wishes to all of you as we begin 2020!
by Symon Katete