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Feb 25, 2020

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, members of staff gathered to review the activities and our work for the year just ended, and to plan for the year ahead. The meeting was held in one of the new classrooms on campus. In the past the meetings have been held at a rented place or in the home of one of the missionaries.
We had a good year for all departments. One area where we were looking to improve was in communication among the staff. We know how important communication is, and while there is still room for improvement, we all agreed that we made some good strides in 2019.
Here is a snapshot of future plans for each Dept. in 2020:
• Education Dept. - We plan to finish curriculum for theon-campus Discipleship Training Institute and to start student recruitment for the classes which will begin in 2021. Working with church leaders, we have lined up 15 locations for camp meetings to be held, plus one or two major leadership seminars. Radio recordings will continue to take place, and we will continue to work with existing students in our SHBI extension courses.
• Development Dept. - CHE/Agriculture will concentrate on management of coffee production and macadamia crops. We will begin the implementation of 1st phase of Permaculture site on campus as well as training lead farmers in conservation agriculture. Village S & L willfocus on training leaders in business managementand agriculture. Women’s Development will be introducing a new theme to be taught in the existing women’s groups.
• Support Dept. - We are looking forward to efficiency in operation and productivity and improved people management.
• Finance Dept. -Will focus on financial reports and budget tracking with the introduction of Quickbooks.
• Procurement Dept. - Will be creating a data base of suppliers and strengthening of current contacts.
• Maintenance Dept. - Will work on changing of all electricity boards for the introduction of a new electrical system. And plan for replacement of the long-standing water piping system. Lastly,
• The Medical Center Dept. - Will plan on opening the Out Patient Clinic and ensuring smooth operation.
• Off campus, at Ntonda School, we will focus on increased participation of Namikango staff in more activities with Ntonda.
• On Namikango’s campus, we have agreed to meet together weekly for prayer and to continue to improve in our openness and communication with one another.
We are looking forward to a good 2020!
Symon Katete/Ben Hayes