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A Blessed Day Indeed

Oct 1, 2013

Many eager Mozambican brothers greeted us, when Rodrick, Bisani, and I arrived at the “Mission Building,” in Milanje, Mozambique. They were ready and anxious to begin a long day with us. Every year in Malawi, we have a refresher course for our Bible school teachers. This includes a time of fellowship, refreshments, and lots of teaching. August 28th was the day we chose to do the same with our Bible school teachers in Mozambique. But, unlike the session in Malawi, which lasts a week, we only had one day with these men. But, it was a blessed day indeed.

Two other Mission staff members had already gone into Mozambique to hold week long seminars in two different areas. One of these men was teaching a seminar for a large group of women and since their location was near where we were going, before beginning our classes, we dropped in and greeted them.

There were 27 teachers present for our session. They teach at 19 different Village Bible Study Centres. Several of these men traveled for a day, some for two days to get there. The material presented at these seminars covered a wide range of topics.

Rodrick gave a course on Effective Teaching. He has been a teacher for many years and while many of our teachers are well versed in Scripture, they have not all been taught how to teach effectively.

Bisani conducted a course on Management. Beginning with Scripture, he explained the importance of planning and preparing well for day-to-day operations in the church, for hosting a Bible school, and how to manage your own money as well.

I taught a course on Discipleship. I was trying to encourage each of us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we run this race together, and to encourage the teachers that their message to others should always be looking at “Jesus.”
Though the day together was short, everyone left with smiling faces. We were able to leave a small gift with each of these men, just to encourage them to continue serving. These men do very important work, but they do not hold salary positions. This reveals the real, godly, character of the men, and their desire to follow Christ.

Please pray for these dear brethren in Mozambique as they continue to serve.

– Ben Hayes