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Administration as Ministry

Feb 25, 2020

One of the most challenging parts of Namikango’s ministry is working with people, administration and human resource. Namikango employees 75 full time staff, plus an average of 20 day-laborers each week. With about 100 people on campus on any given day, there is alot of organization needed, including work injuries and sicknessesrequiring transport to Zomba city 15 miles away. Plus, travel arrangements for the 7+ ministries carried out at Namikango. Throw in campus maintenance for the office buildings and 12 staff housing units, . . . there is a lot happening just to keep ministries running.
Andrew Kwisongole is the campus Administrator and the man responsible for handling or organizing many of these phases of the work. If there are complaints or staff disciplinary issues, they come to his office. If there are issues in the community involving the chiefs around Thondwe, they see him.
Inevitably each year, legal matters arise, covering pension, vehicle accidents, licensing, etc…all as a part of daily administration duties.
Although these matters typically start in Andrew’s office, he doesn’t handle them alone. As we have grown in the last seven years, we’ve sought to spread responsibility for different facets of the work among the staff. One way we’ve done this is through committees.
The Advisory Committee (AC) is comprised of Ryan, Eric, and me, along with four senior staff members. This committee handles all legal, human resource, and all strategic issues of the Mission. This prevents authority from being centralized in one individual, but rather in a group.
While not the most exciting aspect of ministry, Administration is essential and takes a large portion of our work time, and is itself a ministry. It is a catalyst that allows us to carry out the primary ministry of Namikango – bringing Christ-centered transformation to people, communities, and churches throughout Africa.
In conclusion, below are a few statistics that give a picture of what happens as a result of Administration for 2019:
- Distance travelled in Namikango Vehicles in 2019: 53,000 miles
- Average of one vehicle trip each day
- 15 new employees, 8 departures- Legal/disciplinary matters handled: approx. 20
- Namikango Committees (8)
Advisory (AC), Program Management (PMC), Health Management(PMC), Land Management (LMC), Procurement (PC), Disciplinary(DC), Education Management (EMC), and Social Welfare (SWC)
Ben Hayes