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Missionary Travel Updates

Mar 23, 2020

Ben, Ryan, and Eric were planning on leaving for their scheduled furloughs on a staggered schedule. Ben and his family recently arrived in the States and arefeeling okay. However, because of the overcrowded airline travel amongst coughing passengers, they are maintaining a voluntary family quarantine for the time being while they are at Ben'sparents’ home in Houston.

Ryan tried to re-schedule his family’s airline travel and faced shut-down or very limited international connections, a massive stampede of families trying to get back home, and the anticipated chaos of five or more hours of screening time in the States. Realizing these were not ideal conditions for a family with little children, they have decided to wait for some of the panic to subside and will remain in Malawi to wait and see what things look like a month from now.

Eric changed his travel plans and was able to make his flight scheduled for March 18. Thankfully, Malawi has had no cases of the Coronavirus-19 at the time of this printing. Please join me in praying for our missionaries and their families.