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Namikango Mission - On the Map!

Mar 23, 2020

I was surprised to find that the Mission has grown in national recognition. You can now pull it up with a "Google Earth"search as "Namikango Mission." I located it without referring to Malawi or Africa.
This satellite photo shows the 90 acres of Namikango Mission. I have added some markers which Ryan has identified for us.
I found this interesting. -Sidney
1. This large rectangular area is the coffee and macadamia nut growing area (10 acres).
2. Large field where Maize has been grown; now is used for Cassava and the new permaculture site.
3. This area is used to grow Blue Gum trees and Soya (down to the Namikango river boundary).
4. The new football/soccer field - near the highway.This will become a popular national attraction.
5. This hedge (which isn’t there anymore) is between the Mission house and the new Admin Bldg (Dark Blue) and classroom block (Light Blue). Behind the Missionhouse are old offices and the small dorm houses.
6. This is the Outpatient Bldg by the Maternity Clinic.
7. There are staff houses located in this area.
8. This is a cleared field in the Blue Gum forest.
9. The new Coffee Factory Bldg is located here near the drying lot.
10. This is the Thondwe Church of Christ bldg near theentrance.
11. The Blue Gum (Eucalyptus) forest.