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Let’s Meet One of the Staff

Apr 21, 2020

Faith Lewis Somanje

Faith Somanje is 29 years old. He attended a Christian Primary school and came to Namikango Mission in 2015.

Things were tough for Faith as a young man. With the loss of his mother at an early age, it was left to him to support and care for himself as well as younger siblings.

Faith attended a Technical College where he studied'community development' and finished at diploma level. He came to Namikango Mission in 2015 as the CHE (Christian Health Evangelism) Coordinator, focusing on teaching ways of conservative agriculture. He is currently supervising the land leveling around the new Administration Building.

His wife, Memory, is in charge of nurses at the Maternity Clinic. They have one child, Precious, who is two years old.

Faith has acquired the skills and ability to work with people from different cultures and he excels in the spirit of teamwork. He likes teaching Biblical lessons along with teaching good ways of Agriculture. He would like to develop further in understanding permaculture designs.

His admonition to us all is that we surround ourselves with people who love God and His work and that we continue as faithful servants of Christ.

He requests prayers for his father who is sick, suffering from kidney malfunctions.

Symon Katete