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Virus Update

Apr 21, 2020

Similar to the US, where COVID-19 seems to change routines and expectations almost daily, Malawi’s climate is beginning to change.

Several weeks behind the US and other parts of the world, the Malawian government has just announced that nonessential businesses will need to place their employees on shifts. Restaurants are being asked to not serve dine-in and people are encouraged to stay home as much as possible.

Since we provide health services at Namikango, we are on the front line. We are monitoring the situation and making adjustments to staff schedules as needed. By the time we are writing next month’s bulletin, everything may be completely different, but for now, though, precautions are being taken inthe midst of still trying to provide employment and services to people for as long as we can.

Please join us as we continue praying for them. The staffthere are praying for all of us in the US as well.

Blessings, Ben