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Where is God Leading Us?

Nov 1, 2013

In the last few months, we have been looking ahead to see where God may be leading us. After our first year here in Malawi, we finally feel we have enough grasp on the work at Namikango to at least enter this discussion of future plans. Encouraged by the visit from Shawn Tyler several months ago, we got together with the staff to discuss where we are, where we have been, and where we might see God leading us. But before beginning any serious development of a vision for the future, we wanted to commit time together for prayer and fasting. We decided to take one day a week through the month of August and pray, asking God to lead us into what His desired future for us would be.

tarting with 12 hours of prayer each Friday of the first two weeks of August, and moving on to a 24 hour Friday the last week of the month, we posted one-hour prayer slots and invited anyone and everyone on Namikango campus to find an hour, or two, or three, and pray. As you can imagine, God did more amazing things than just what we were asking for – whole staff families would wake up in the middle of the night, enter the prayer room together, and experience God’s presence together.

We finished the month feeling blessed to have taken part in this, but also feeling a slight nudge by God to continue praying. Almost in the way of a kind rebuke, we could hear God saying, “Why stop?”

So we are continuing. One day a week we are setting aside 12 hours to seek God’s blessing and direction over our work, the country, and His Kingdom worldwide. There is a deep peace about working on those days; knowing that while you are in your office, someone is crying to God, asking Him to move among us. I don’t write this to let you know how good we are for doing this, but rather the opposite. Though we have spent time in prayer together as a staff over the last year, it did not hold the place it should have held. I am learning through this, that if we want to see God move in big ways, we must stop all of our “doings” and ask Him to do for us. I wonder sometimes at how much time I spend preparing to teach, thinking my words will open blind eyes, and tack a five-minute prayer wish before heading to the pulpit. Oh God, be merciful. What if we were a people who were continually before His throne, not just 12 hours of one day? What would happen to our families, co-workers, churches, and ministries then? Is it possible to pray too much?

I know these are not new questions. And I don’t know where God will lead us in this conviction to pray, but I’m excited and there is excitement around our campus. And we want you to pray with us.

– Ben Hayes