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Apr 21, 2020

New Administration Building is Complete

Thanks to the hard work of many overseeing the project here and thanks to many of you in the USA who have generously contributed to this project, The Administration Building is finally complete (some final touches are beingapplied as I write).

We will begin moving into our respective offices this month and now be fully operating from there. Of the 26 new offices, 21 of them will be put into use immediately, leaving five for future use.

With the completion of the new classroom block and now the new Admin Building, we have completed Phase One of the campus developments that were needed in order to start the new Discipleship Training Institute on Namikango’s campus.

The old Mission House and the former offices will now be converted into a Student Study Hall, Library, Day Care, and a new Dining Hall. The completion of the Admin Building has been a crucial first step that now allows us to get ready for the on-campus Institute. We look forward to beginning our first classes in January 2021.

By completing the Admin Building, this has allowed us to beautify the campus and centralize all activity into this beautiful part of the campus as it is situated just in front of the Mission House and opposite the new classrooms.

This building has brought a lot of excitement to all of us at Namikango. It is beautiful inside and out – providing a workplace and meeting space that is much nicer (and newer) than what we’ve been used to.

Words cannot adequately express how deeply grateful weare for your support in helping us to complete this building.

As many of you know, it is not just a building but evidence of what God is doing through Namikango every day, and your support is a vital part of that.

Ryan Hayes