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COVID Update

May 26, 2020

The government in Malawi has required all non-essential businesses to move to office shifts, rotating the staff in and out, and minimizing the group gatherings. Like here in the US, health services are considered essential, so our maternity staff must continue to work, while our other staff members operatein shifts.
We received a request from Moses (our Clinic Administrator) to purchase some of the needed supplies so our maternity workers could continue working safely. Our other staff members will be working mostly from home.
The cost was for these supplies is $1,300 for boots, masks, gloves,aprons and soap/hand sanitizer for our 25 maternity staff members. The govt. has not been able to provide any protective equipment form any health workers, thus causing some to stop going to work for fearof contracting the virus.
Even though we too had not planned this expense in our budget, we felt it necessary to provide funds to make this provision. If anyone would like to make a special donation to cover this unexpected expense, it would certainly be appreciated.
by Ben Hayes