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Malawi is Experienced at Combating Plagues

May 26, 2020

Over the years, malaria has been an ongoing health struggle for Malawi and other regions of Africa; thankfully, Malawi has been winning this battle. But this was not so in the recent past. In the late 1800s missionaries came from England to Malawi knowing that 90% of them would die of malaria. It was not a matter of if they would die of malaria but when, which was likely within TWO years. It took real dedication to the Lord for a person to make the decision to become a missionary and go to Malawi. What a commitment to the Gospel that was ... and still is.
One great English hero, physician, missionary, and explorer, made Malawi famous as he traveled to Malawi and made reports of these gentle people, of the beautiful land, and giant lakes. His name was Dr. David Livingstone. Lake Malawi and Mulanje Mountain were sights that Livingstone was the first European to see. He died in nearby Zambia in 1873 of malaria. He is credited with aiding inabolishing slavery.
On one of my visits to Malawi, I was traveling with Jim Albright when we came to Monkey Bay, south of Lake Malawi. Jim pointed out the many gravesites there. All of them were graves of missionaries who came and died. They thought malaria was transmitted in the air, especially in the mist around stagnate water. They tried to avoid these areas butdied anyway. Imagine knowing that your time of serving was probably going the be limited to two years or less. It was sometime before they heard of quinine being effective in prevention and treatment.
Malawians were more resistant to malaria; having grown upwith it, they built up immunities. However, many of the locals still die of malaria. It remains the major cause of death in children under 5 years old. Thirty-three percent of the childrenin Malawi die of malaria, even with medicines available.
Quinine has become the best treatment for malaria and nowit is hoped to be a possible relief for some symptoms of the coronavirus.
by Sidney Vaughn