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View from a Grandparent

May 26, 2020

We have been blessed beyond measure with our children living in Malawi. Such amazing adventures we have had! Malawi is a beautiful country made even more beautiful with its warm, gentle people (there is a reason why it is called, “The warm heart of Africa”).
We have enjoyed gorgeous views of the green mountains, amazing sunsets, and have listened to the songs of the birds. We have seen wonderful things – lions, elephants, those crazy army ants, waterfalls, markets filled with all manner of items, and women in colorful native fabric.
We watched the baboons taunt the dogs and steal the mangos at Ben and Becca’s house. They were quite entertaining! And we’re watching as our precious grandchildren grow into God-loving children. The 40-hour journey is not easy, but the hugs from those grandchildren make it worthwhile.
Several years ago, our son, Gary, Jr., and his family traveled with us to Malawi. It was a great experience for the cousins to get together. The African cousins were excited to show their American cousins where they lived and played. We got to experience worship in a village church and sit on the ground for a meal.
On one of our treks we had to pull off the road for the Malawian President to pass. That trip was an experience of a lifetime.
We believe in the work at Namikango. Ben and the other team members are doing an amazing work. So much has changed since we first started visiting there. Many lives have been touched and brought to the Lord. God is certainly working at this Mission. The work is hard and, because of this being a different culture, at times it can be challenging.
Please pray for our family over there, for the workers, for the churches, and for the many people that need the Good News of Jesus. Thank you for your support of this great work!
by Jane Evans (mother of Becca Hayes)