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Education Updates at Namikango

May 27, 2020

A New Chapter in Training Disciples
For nearly sixty years, Namikango Mission has focused on training and creating church leaders and encouraging people towards maturity of faith as disciples of Jesus. Over the decades, this training of believers has taken many forms, beginning with the Bible schools in the 1960s, expanding into various development ministries over the years. Today, Namikango is known throughout Malawi as a predominant training center for Christians. Thousands of Malawians and Mozambicans have benefitted from classes, services, lessons, and development practices through Namikango’svaried ministries.
As Malawi continues to develop, a larger percentage of the population is learning English for professional jobs. Because English is often viewed as a professional language, many churches have, for many years, been asking Namikango for an English Bible curriculum. The ideas behind an English Bible school started developing many years ago and have slowly developed into Namikango’s newest ministry: Discipleship Training Institute (DTI).
The DTI will provide a thorough, three-year, 32-course program taught on Namikango’s campus in English. Beginning classes willbe small, approximately 15 students per class, and will go through the program together as a cohort. This close-knit group of studentsand their families will learn and grow together in the curriculum’sfour educational streams: Biblical Theology, Spiritual Leadership, Community Development, and Personal Identity. Each section ofclasses has been created to cover educational principles as well aspractical applications - specifically for church leaders in rural Malawi.
In addition to classroom education, students will also intern at alocal church for the duration of their studies. This internship will give the student valuable experience in church leadership and also give the student space to try out their classroom knowledge in real life situations. Namikango Mission will benefit by employing students and their spouses as day laborers for our agriculture ministries.
We at Namikango are very excited about this new ministry and look forward to launching the school in February 2021. Please pray for the Mission as we look toward this launch date and work to accomplish everything necessary to be ready by that time!
Teaching All Namikango’s Ministries
The Discipleship Training Institute (DTI) is the newest ministry that Namikango is launching. It is in no way a departure from thenearly 60-year legacy of Namikango in Malawi – but an additional avenue.
Since the 1960s, Namikango has been known country-widethrough its Village Bible Schools as a mission that emphasizes Biblical literacy in the Church of Christ. While these Village Bible Schools are a continuing ministry at Namikango, the DTI will bring these Biblical studies together with Namikango’s Community Development Ministries to allow students to learn skills from every ministry.
The curriculum for the DTI is robust and rigorous, broken into fourthemes. The first is Biblical Theology which includes traditional Biblical classes necessary for students to understand the Bible’ scontent and message. The second is Spiritual Leadership and includes classes aimed at preparing students to become leaders in their churches. These classes include preaching and teaching, spiritual formation, counseling, and other instruction essential for church leaders to productively and spiritually lead their congregations.
The third theme is Community Development. It focuses oncommon problems faced by many rural Malawian villages today. These classes help prepare the students with skills necessary to address the community needs and serve their neighbors as Jesus commanded. The classes include HIV awareness and prevention, Malawian agriculture practices, and Village Savings and Loans, all done through our Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Ministry.
The fourth and final theme is Personal Identity. These coursesfocus on the student’s personal relationship and identity in light of Christ’ s love. The classes help students understand themselves and how God views them so they can become transformed disciples of Christ - ready to go out and make more disciples. Classes focuson the student as an individual and in relationships with their family, church, and community.
Students in the DTI program will graduate with certifications in allof Namikango’s ministries. It is our prayer that this new school will bring together Namikango’s many ministries under the legacy ofBiblical education for the Church of Christ in Malawi.
by Eric Gephart