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Update on Missionaries’ Furloughs

Jun 26, 2020

Hello everyone, We hope you are all well and safe. As things in the US begin to open up again slowly, we are also able to begin moving and visiting family and friends. Our furlough plans arebeing extended slightly due to COVID.

As I write this, Eric is in Pennsylvania, Ryan and Justine (and family) in California, and our family is visiting between Lubbock and Houston. We plan to all come together in Houston in the beginning of July for a board meeting, which we are looking forward to. It will be the first time in several months for our missionary team to meet, and even longer since we last met with the board.

We hope many of you have also been able to visit loved ones that you may not have seen for some time, and perhaps have begun to resume a “normal” routine of some kind. We look forward to getting to see some of you in the coming months. In the meantime, may the Lord bless you all, and thank you for your continued prayers for our Namikango staff in Malawi, and for us here. We are praying for you all as well.

Blessings, Ben