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From The Quran To The Bible

Nov 1, 2013

Kedson Msosa is a first year Bible Student at Namikango Bible School. He comes from Mangochi, the lake district of Malawi, north of the Mission. This area is predominantly Moslem and Kedson comes from a Moslem family.

He was a well-trusted youth among his Moslem elders and was active in teaching others about Islam. His sincere desire to learn and to teach led him in search of more Christian material, so he would be well positioned to confront Christians from their own teachings. In 2011 his search caused him to become a regular listener of a local radio program led by teachers from Namikango Mission on the air every Sunday morning.

He learned more and more about Christ and was moved by the Spirit to learn all he could. He soon was able to compare the Quran and the Bible, especially when both talked about Christ. In both, Christ was recognized as one who deserved honor as a man of God.

Kedson began to change the direction of his studies; instead of gathering material to attack Christianity, he decided he wanted to learn more about this Christ from the standpoint of his followers. Why did these people want to be followers of an humble man like Jesus, in the first place? Why did they want to be Christians?

He even made the effort to go to Blantyre and meet these radio speakers. Maybe they could help him learn more about Christ. He was advised to enroll at Namikango Bible School, there he could have a daily study of the Bible . . . He did just that. Kedson is now a dedicated student, surrounded with literature and believers in Jesus the Son of God. He has realized that Jesus was more than a great man, more than a great prophet, He is the Son of God and our Savior!

Kedson is asking Christians to join him in praying for protection. His life is now in danger. He is excited about Christ and within a short period of time he has managed to share the Gospel with his wife, his mother, and his grandmother. But alas, he is now considered an enemy by other family members and by his home village. He is classified as a threat, and dangerous, and the enemy. Let’s pray earnestly for the safety of our Brother KEDSON MSOSA. Onward with Radio Ministry! This Story was gathered by Symon Katete.

The Bible is presented here by Rodrick Maluwa.