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Jun 29, 2020

The Namikango Football Club (NFC) began in 2017 and has continued to grow over the last few years. This team began with the purpose of connecting with the community through an avenue that most everyone in Africa loves – Soccer! The team is led by Team Captain (our Maintenance Foreman at Namikango) Joel Chimpeni, with several other staff members as part of the team.
NFC, in its first few years, dominated in the local are a and were champions of Thondwe (where Namikango is located). They enteredmany tournaments and held matches with other business and local teams.
Last year the team moved up into one of the more professional leagues to begin the next phase of the football world in Malawi. It was a challenging year, as this is a league of experienced teams. They worked their way towards playing professionally in Malawi. Our team has 25 players, 2 coaches, a team doctor and a manager. The team finished 17th out of 19 teams last year, but they still feel good about breaking into this new, tougher league.
We have been blessed far beyond playing soccer – staff members have mentioned several times how our relationships have been greatly strengthened with local community around Namikango through this venture with the team. It is a place where we mentor kids that we otherwise would not have the chance to help. It is also something fun for all of our staff to support. We have experienced the highs and the lows and are hoping for another good season this year!
by Ben Hayes