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Football Pitch

Jun 29, 2020

A football pitch (also known as a soccer field) is the playing surface for the game…
Our Football Pitch project was originally developed as one of the ideas that would help the mission generate income. It was unanimously agreed on by staff and the project began in 2018. The business concept of this project is to build a community stadium that would have multiple uses. First, this was an opportunity for Namikango staff to provide a venue for their own recreational activities, as well as to be used by students who are on campus. Secondly, it can also be used by the community at a fee. That fee will be used to maintain the facility and to support the work of other Mission ministries.
Football (soccer) is the most popular sporting activity in Malawi. Football has been used as a tool for entertainment by corporate leaders, and as a means of communicating important messages to the community at a public gathering.
Our Mission stadium will be used for football matches and for hosting open-air events such as camp meetings, public functions, weddings, and other activities that require a larger, open space.
At this stage, the land has been cleared and leveled, a wire fence has been put up around the pitch, water lines have been installed for a water sprinkler system under the field with a 5,000-liters water reservoir for watering. We covered the football pitch area with black soil and planted grass over all the field. The remaining works include: covering the wire fence with sacks to protect players running into it; installing goal posts; and building toilets there.
With all these things in place, we believe the facility will be ready for use by August this year. Later on, we will be looking at the possibility of adding a brick fence around the field and putting up a spectators’ stand. This would be done from the income received from the project.
by Ben Hayes