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July Board Meeting

Jul 28, 2020

Our Namikango Mission Board of Directors and the missionaries had a Meeting July 9th . . . by Zoom.
We were scheduled to meet in person in Houston; but, as you know, traveling and meetings have been hampered by the virus. The missionaries are all on extended furloughs until they are able to secure travel arrangements.
During the meeting we discussed future plans and needs for Namikango.It’s still hoped we’ll soon be able to begin the new English Bible school on Namikango’s campus - The Discipleship Training Institute (DTI). It’s scheduled for opening the Spring Semester of 2021.
When we do begin, we’ll start with a limited number of students, from 10 to 20. One area of importance for all our classes is to encourage ladies and couples to attend. We will be limited as we start because we do not have housing facilities for more than a few students.
Our hopes are to build an adequate dorm and auditorium. in the near future. We must start this journey in its infancy and grow from there. Please join us in prayer for this outreach effort for God's Kingdom.
Blessings, Sidney Vaughn