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Lightning Strike turns into a Generous Gift and a New Partnership

Jul 28, 2020

A few months ago, a lightning strike burned (rendered unusable) both solar inverters that run the Maternity Clinic and the Mission offices. This was obviously very unfortunate since solar inverters are both expensive and necessary for keeping electricity going at these two locations.
We did not know what to do. Christian Missionary Fellowship linked me up with a solar group out of Spain called the EKI Foundation.
I sent an email to the names given to me - Antonio and Angel, and found that part of their social solar business model is to donate and setup solar projects in Africa! They quickly agreed to donate one full invertor for the Maternity Clinic.
The solar unit for the Mission offices was larger and more expensive so they agreed to pay half of the cost for that one. Not only that, they also shipped the inverters and got them delivered near the Mission for free!
Obviously, we want to say a big Thanks to them for their generosity towards us and other organizations in Africa.
We have since been able to install the invertor for the Maternity Clinic and are working on getting the solar panels and inverter installed on the Admin Building which is a big task due to its size and height.
Our part of the converter cost is approx. $1,600 plus installation. If any want to help us cover this unexpected cost and help get this job finished, it would certainly be appreciated.
-by Ryan Hayes