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Meeting with Jim & Kathy Albright

Jul 28, 2020

We had the great blessing of getting to connect this last month with some past missionaries of Namikango - Jim and Kathy Albright. Their family served in Malawi at Namikango for 13 years (1980-1993) and lived there another 10 years while they taught in the private international schools and worked with the "Why Wait" program in Malawi.
They now live in Stillwater, Oklahoma. On their way home from a recent trip, they made a detour through Lubbock to see us. Becca hadn’t ever met the Albrights, but my family’s connection to them goes back quite a few years. My parents were “guardians” for a couple of their children when they attended a school in Kenya a couple years while Jim and Kathy worked at Namikango. We played together as kids and saw their family on furloughs but it has been many years since we last crossed paths.
It was a blessing to spend a few hours together, learning about their lives in Malawi – their joys along with their challenges. One point that stood out was a relief project they engaged in during a time of famine, where they partnered with several other NGOs, driving trucks full of supplies from South Africa up to Malawi. The multi-church partnership that followed the effort to distribute food left a lasting impression on the Albrights and provided a loving picture of the Kingdom of God to brothers and in sisters in Malawi. Such a venture expresses the message of unity that Namikango has always sought to display through service and teaching.
As we closed our time together, Jim shared about his technology background and his current work in that field and told a “fun fact” that I didn’t know about Namikango; I am not sure many know. It seems the very first email that was ever sent out of the whole country of Malawi was sent from Namikango. A British friend of Jim’s was teaching at a nearby college and needed a place to try this new communication method and came to Namikango to try it. The email was sent to South Africa. Now Namikango has a new claim to fame!
The history of Namikango is rich and it is rich because of the people - both Malawians and Americans who share in its history. We all: you, our supporters; current and previous missionaries; Namikango staff; and people living deep in a village in Malawi have the blessing of being connected to this rich history.
Blessings, Ben Hayes