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Historic First: Malawi’s June Presidential Election

Aug 26, 2020

In June 2020, Lazarus Chakwera won the election as the new president of the Republic of Malawi after months marked by episodes of public unrest and political uncertainty. Rewind to May, 2019, when Peter Mutharika defeated Mr. Chakwera to begin another term as president in an election that many believed was far from free and fair. After legal challenges to 2019’s electoral process ran their course, a Malawian court nullified that election and ordered a re-run that resulted in Mr.Chakwera’s victory.

Non-partisan observers referred to this second contest with words like “peaceful” and “transparent.” This was only the second time a court in an African nation overturned a presidential election. It was the first time that after such a ruling, an opposition candidate defeated the incumbent president. As friends and supporters of God’s work through Namikango Mission in Malawi, let’s join our brothers and sisters there in praying for a lengthy season of peace and stability for this nation, her leaders, and all her people.

by Ian Shelburne