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To the Mission Faithful,

Aug 26, 2020

We want to introduce and welcome Cameron Mayhill to our Namikango Mission team. He will be working as an outreach partner to assist us in securing funds for completing our work toward Namikango’s newest educational program, the Discipleship Training Institute [DTI or Institute], and for the future vision of the Mission.
The DTI, which we are just beginning, will be the fulfillment of many dreams for outreach for God's Kingdom. This is an exciting time for all of us: we can be involved at the very beginning of this work. We will need considerably more accommodations to house and train the leaders of tomorrow in Malawi as they attend the Institute. We rejoice that Cameron is on board to spearhead this effort.
Cameron Mayhill has served Restoration Movement mission efforts for the past 20 years, with a degree from Purdue and studies at Cincinnati Christian University. He has worked with churches and missionaries in over 20 countries during these 20 years of cross-cultural leadership experience. He served alongside many national and international leaders and ministries, bringing together resources and strategies to increase the Kingdom impact, whether baptizing new believers, serving in medical clinics, training a mission team, or providing the resources needed for Kingdom work!
Cameron is married to Jennifer and they have two daughters, Anna (18) and Katie (16). Jennifer oversees a prayer-focused ministry called Arrowlight. They are a homeschooling family and have a variety of interests, such as volleyball, piano, missions, theater, and art.
They have been able to serve on several mission trips together. Anna is starting her senior year and Katie is a sophomore at their home school -Hope Hills Academy.
Welcome Cameronand God speed!
Sidney Vaughn