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Preparation for the Discipleship School

Aug 26, 2020

Towards the end of last year as we finished the work on the Admin Building, we moved towards landscaping and renovating some of the existing structures to prepare for DTI (Discipleship Training Institute) to start in the Spring of 2021.
Sidewalks and a parking lot
These were added to connect the student living area and study space to the classrooms and administrative offices.
Renovating the Mission House
We redesigned the existing Mission house and offices to accommodate the new Institute. With these buildings being deeply connected to the history of Namikango, to its ministry andmissionaries, we wanted to centralize their use in this vision for the future. It is being renovated for use as a study hall and library.
The Kitchen
The existing kitchen is being expanded to accommodate the growth of students, along with adding an indoor and outdoor eating area.
Following those renovations, existing dormitories will be renovated, along with the building of one or two new dormitory blocks.
Funding is not currently sufficient to complete the majority of the work needed to house all the students we expect to come, but we have begun slowly in order to meet our timeline for the start of the school. Several contributions have already been made towards the funds needed to prepare for the new school. To those who have contributed, we thank you! Partnering with us towards this projectenables Namikango to carry out its core ministry in an exciting new way.
by Ben Hayes