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Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

Sep 25, 2020

The Liu la Namikango is the Mission’s theological newsletter that is printed twice a year and distributed to as many churches as possible. This newsletter is usually around eight pages and contains articles on Biblical teaching for the churches in Malawi, almost exclusively written by the Mission’s Malawian staff.
At each printing, we produce 5,000 copies for free distribution and rely on the church’s vast network to get the newsletters into every far-flung corner of the country. As the first volume of the 2020 Liu went to print, I couldn’t help but reflect on the timeliness of its content in light of the global situation.
Though the theme was chosen back in January, well before the pandemic came into clear focus, the Education Team at Namikango decided to spend the year dwelling in Hebrews, specifically where the author reflects on faith. The theme was chosen: “Fixing our eyes on Jesus.
”This theme could not be more fitting for this year, where chaos, disease, and destruction vie for our attention minute by minute. As America gears up for a new election cycle, Malawi also went through a general election. All these things fight to become our main focus where we fix our eyes. But for Hebrews’ author, he encourages us with the faith of our spiritual fathers and mothers, reminds us of their deeds, and points everything to Jesus - the true center of it all.
The Liu is produced in Chichewa and English and soon it will be made available to everyone in both languages. Stay tuned for updates!
by Eric Gephart