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COVID Update

Sep 25, 2020

COVID first showed up in Malawi in April and soon began to wreck its havoc here.
Like all nations, we had schools closed, businesses ruined, and people sick and dying.
The numbers in Malawi are less than most countries but being a very poor country, if we allow the virus to spread it would do catastrophic damage. The Malawi President has mandated social distancing and wearing masks in public.
Hospitals seek to handle the testing and quarantining of patients who test positive. Other quarantining facilities have been set up at schools with the space to accommodate, but in both cases, the lack of resources becomes a major challenge.
Even so, at Namikango good efforts are being made to maintain social distancing and sanitization. According to some studies, there has been a decline in both new cases and deaths contrary to earlier projections that the pandemic’s impact would worsen in August.
Others have noted that COVID trends in Sub-Saharan Africa have been different from that in Europe and America.
The reason for this is not yet known, but the trend seems positive none the less.
A few flights are beginning to open for entry into Malawi.
We are hopeful that improvement continues to grow in the coming months.
-Ben Hayes