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One Success Story Among Many

Sep 25, 2020

In September 2017, the Namikango Mission Village Savings & Loan team came to Mpepa Village.
They explained to us the advantages of saving in a group and many of us showed interest in the program.
We started a savings group with 25 members.
Each person contributed 67 cents each month for six months with a total of $100. This motivated the members of the group; we started a second cycle with much confidence. We then decided to double our share price from 67¢ to $1.25 for each person.
At the end of the second cycle, the group shared $3,823.12 among its 25 members.
Despite the good performance of the group interms of savings, five members decided to leave the group. But this didn’t frustrate the remaining members who decided to continue with their dreams of changing their living standards. This time, the members decided to save more and accomplish some of their personal goals. Members were buying more shares than before. At the end of the cycle, the 20 members managed to put together $6,909.79 for the share-out.
The group members are not only benefiting financially, but also spiritually.
At every meeting, we read a Scripture verse, study it as a group, and discover something new from the word of God which benefits our lives.
Members are free to share their family and individual problems and to pray and sing together for the Lord.
Some who were not able to pray, now can pray; some who were not able to lead hymns are able to do so; those who were not able to read and study the Bible on their own have developed the habit of reading and studying the word of God in their private time and are now even able to share it with friends and family outside the group. When our funds are distributed, we reach out to the needy and provide help for them.
We are in our fourth cycle now and already saved more than $400 in a month. We hope to do much better in time. The VSL program has really changed our lives for the better. People are able to do things with their own money saved. As of now, one of our members has started building a decent house for his family. This is just one of the many good things VSL is doing in our Area.
This time around, the group has plans to start a group business S&L with the purpose of not only making more profits but to develop business minded members. We are planning to buy crops from farmers and sell them at a nearby market.
One reason the VSL is so effective is that all the monies come from us and we are totally responsible for making it work.
We thank God for every blessing.
by Styford Blazio