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Nov 1, 2013

We are enjoying the end of our Fall season and the beginning of Spring weather here. It is dry season and very hot. The rains will be coming soon.

I am listening to the beeping of the tractors as they continue to work on expanding the road between the large city of Blantyre and us. Someday we will enjoy a quick, smooth commute to the grocery store, restaurants, and other businesses in the city when this is completed. An hour and a half trip will then be reduced to 30 minutes. Great !

Every missionary adds a little something to make it more like home. Some have added rooms or rebuilt the kitchen. Ben has begun clearing our side yard, just beyond the water tanks. He is hoping for a clay tennis court to get a little exercise and work off the day’s tension. The construction guys working on the main road agreed to help us out with this and at no cost. Braylon is excited and yells, “There’s a bulldozer in our yard!”

Becca Hayes