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From Ben

Aug 1, 2012

This place is beautiful and both Becca and I (and Braylon) are enjoying the new scenery. Saturday we spent some time resting and becoming accustomed with the area, and Sunday we were able to worship with the local church on the Mission property. I was asked to speak that morning and at the end of the service, our whole family was placed in the front to be welcomed by the congregation.

This same theme of welcoming, as any of you who have been to Africa know, carried on through the rest of the week. I experienced the same welcome at the morning Bible study where the students on campus study every weekday morning, and again at the Wednesday evening devotional, where we were welcomed in the traditional Malawian way by being presented with gifts and words of acceptance and encouragement.

God has been so good!! Our family is beginning to feel comfortable after only a few days because of the hospitality we have been shown. The Mission house was in good order when we arrived - thanks to the work of Bisani, Davis, and the rest of the Mission staff.

This goes a long way to ease our transition. We know many have been praying for us and we thank you so much. Your prayers have been answered. We are humbled to be on the receiving end of them. May God's blessings rest on all of you for you play a vital role in His work here in Malawi.

– Ben