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A New Experience – The Rainy Season

Jan 2, 2014

By Becca Hayes

This is the first year for us to experience the rainy season. We, along with the Malawian people, eagerly anticipate it. It is amazing how often the seasons are a topic of conversation. Few times have I sat in our hot home without a/c and with no breeze and looked longingly at the blue sky wishing for those much anticipated rains. I am sure I will say the very opposite after three months of the heavy rains of the rainy season. But, until then, I will look forward to the change. The difference with us is that we look at it as changing weather while our village neighbors look at it as their livelihood. We are not sweating from sunup until sundown in our gardens clearing the weeds from the past cold season and preparing the ground with fertilizer and compost for the upcoming growing season, but our neighbors are. As soon as the first rain comes, the people plant their seeds and the maize (corn) will begin growing quickly. Now, if you are not a farmer, this may not be of interest, but for these people, this is a way of life. Even if someone has moved to the city and has adapted to life without a garden, they still have close relatives who are gardening.

As the song goes, “We have string beans and onions and cabbages and scallions…” It is a typical day for a Malawian to go to the market and find these common vegetables. The market is like the nearest “Wal-Mart” for most of the local people. It is the “happening” place on Saturdays to greet everyone and sell your goods. At the end of the day, if you go home with a profit, it has been a good day. Day by day they work and eat. We are blessed beyond our comprehension to have more than one day, more than one week, more than one year, of income to sustain us in our daily lives.