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Why are we here?

Jan 2, 2014

Every once in a while, it's good to ask yourself, “why do you do what you do?” If you do some inventory, you might find that you're not doing what you should. So, recently I took a survey from three of our senior leaders here, Bisani Mphongolo, Rodrick Maluwa, and Symon Katete. All three of these men have worked at Namikango for many years, one even had parents who worked here. So their perspective of Namikango's work over the duration is very good. I asked them two questions: what is the primary ministry of Namikango? And, how do other ministries, that Namikango is involved in, relate to our primary goal? I will try and summarize below their responses.

"Teaching the Word of God is paramount!" This was the response of Bisani to the question of what Namikango's goal is. Rodrick and Symon concurred and said that the work of the Bible School in training church leaders is the key ministry of Namikango, because through this, we are fulfilling our role in the great commission of Jesus in Matt. 28:18 to "go and teach the world." Many years ago when Namikango started, it was observed that the church in Malawi was failing to grow, among other reasons, due to poor leadership. Thus, "training Christ centered leaders" found its way into Namikango's mission statement. If the church is going to grow, people must have something to feed on; if people are going to know about Jesus, they will need to be told and taught. Teaching the word of God also enables people to learn about their gifts and how each person can further support and grow the body of Christ. Furthermore, as Jesus tells us to make "disciples", not just church members, we see the single passion of each disciple being someone who wants to be like Jesus in every aspect of life. Thus, the words "Christ centered leaders" are extremely important.

The second phase of the question is how the other ministries Namikango is a part of; the Maternity Clinic, The Ntonda Primary School, and our partnership with the Malawi Project, to name a few; how these ministries relate to our primary goal. All three gentlemen responded to say that they provide service and service is tied to being a follower of Jesus. Rodrick comments on Jesus’ words in Matt. 25 that "there will be some people who will be given the title, 'goat', because they failed to serve the poor and to look after the physical needs of people, even with something so small as a cup of water." Symon sees “looking after the needs of the poor as a must.” And, Bisani observes that “90% of the Malawian population live in rural areas, many of which are very poor, and when they see us as Christians helping people, they see God, and they see that He cares about them.”

Other comments were that Jesus tells his disciples to do good deeds for people in a way that they glorify God, not themselves; Jesus tells Peter to take care of his sheep. Lastly, all three men mentioned how serving people opens the door for sharing the Word with them, and that sometimes, service speaks the message of the Lord better than words. I'm reminded of St. Francis of Assisi's words, "Preach the word at all times, and if you must, use words." To conclude, Rodrick says it well. “Serving and teaching go hand in hand, they complement each other." When people see these actions, they see Jesus. – Ben