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A Week To Remember!

Aug 1, 2012

The last week of June was one the Hayes family will not soon forget. Ben, Becca and Braylon left Houston on Monday. But it wasn’t a good start. They misunderstood the departure time, and had to make a hurried dash for the airport, only to be told it was, "too late" to catch their flight. After coming to grips with this disappointment, they were then told, “Wait, the plane has been delayed and you can catch it.”

They were relieved to finally be on their way to enter a new work for the Lord as missionaries for the Namikango Mission in Malawi, Africa.

But wait . . . the joy of a smooth trip soon ended. Since the plane was late leaving Houston, it was also late arriving in Washington, D.C. This was the first stop and plane change. They rushed to the connecting flight and were told, “The plane has already left . . .three minutes ago.” Wow, what next? I would think the plane would wait a few minutes for the connecting flight. But that didn’t happen. They were stranded in D.C. . . and busy rescheduling the next connection. The following day they left for Johannesburg, South Africa.

They made this long flight just fine and spent the night with friends there. However. . . another problem was on the agenda. Their connecting flight to Blantyre, Malawi was the one that left yesterday, and it only makes this flight once a week. SO, rather than wait a week, they got a different flight to another city - Lilongwe, in central Malawi. This meant that instead of an hour’s drive from the airport to the Mission, it would now be a 5 hour drive. (BUT, it was a 5 hour drive that ended up taking 10 hours.) They were relieved just to get this close. Bisani and his wife Lilian were at the Lilongwe Airport to greet them and drive them to the Mission. This was Friday of that last week in June. They were nearly at their journey’s end in spite of all the difficulties.

But wait . . . About 20 minutes from the Mission, driving slowly through a small town, a young man ran in front of the car and they struck him before they could stop. He was unconscious and they took him to a nearby hospital. There he was treated and soon awoke and was in stable condition . . . he was also drunk. After several hours at the hospital, they left and finally arrived at the Mission around midnight. Their long anticipated journey had come to an end. Their new home now is Namikango – “the place of lions.”

Bisani and another man from the Mission staff, Rodrick, were able to visit later with the fellow who had been hit and they shared the Gospel with him, to which he listened intently. This man nearly lost his life and it was a good time to do some soul searching.

Ben reports: “It was really an amazing thing to see God vividly doing so many things in the midst of what seemed like chaos. We give him praise!!” Ben reports further, “The rest of the week has been wonderful. I have to say I am thrilled to be back in Africa, waking up with the rooster crowing in the morning and the cold chill that comes this time of year.” It is winter in Africa.

- Sidney Vaughn