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The Inaugural Meeting – Board of Directors

Feb 4, 2014

The two day meeting of the Namikango Mission Board of Directors was hosted by the Quaker Ave Church of Christ on January 24 & 25. It was an outstanding meeting. Many things were covered. We had a good “getting to know everyone” session which included their connection with the Namikango Mission.

1) Brother B. Shelburne shared some of the Mission’s history. It was a very informative and uplifting session. (It might be good if some of our congregations wanted to invite Brother Shelburne to your church to share this report. He has said he is willing.)

2.) We had a report from Brother Mark Thiesen, describing/introducing the various staff members who work at the Mission to the Board.

3.) Brother Dave Langford led us in learning the ways of holding Board Meetings, time of serving, etc.

4.) Brother Shawn Tyler presented some good books on mission work.

5.) I gave information on finances, needs, and plans for the future. (When you turn 80 you get to wear your cap indoors.)

The total sum of the meeting was very productive and informative, leaving us with an assurance of a very fruitful future for Namikango Mission.

We also received some new insights about the Mission and the Board. Did you know that Brother Gene Shelburne printed this newsletter, the Mission Report, for several years, up until 1974, while he lived in Arizona? And that Shawn Tyler has made several visits to Namikango and has done a lot of teaching there? More results from this meeting will be seen in the days ahead.

Meet the Board of Directors: top row – David Langford (Lubbock, TX), Robert Lee (Denver, CO), Gene Shelburne (Amarillo, TX), Sidney Vaughn (South Houston, TX), bottom row – Shawn Tyler (Lubbock, TX), B Shelburne (Lubbock, TX), and Mark Thiesen (Willard, MO).

We very much regretted that Brother Frank Devine, a member of the Board of Directors from Houston, TX, was unable to make the meeting. His travel was hindered by the freezing streets and icy bridges that caused 500 accidents in Houston. Frank was wise enough to not become one of those statistics. We did miss him and look forward to time together later.

Sidney Vaughn

We had a drawing for a painting I had done of the beautiful, green tea fields of Malawi.

Mark & Ginger Thiesen were the winners!