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Worshiping Your Ancestors

Feb 4, 2014

by Ben Hayes

John showed up at the church Wednesday to hear what this new teaching was about. Alex Nunu, Namikango’s Agricultural Foreman, had been invited to the village of Namisu to teach on new methods of farming that are based on Biblical principles. John had heard talk about this since he lived in Namisu Village and he was in for a surprise. He came from the Nyawu religious background, which is a religion that relies heavily on praying to your ancestors to provide your needs in life. The rain, the sun, and other environmental factors are conditioned by prayers to the ancestors, so you try to please your ancestors. It includes practices similar to voodoo or witchcraft.

Though John’s wife was a Christian, he was not interested in God, but was willing to hear what was said about “farming.” He sat and listened to Alex, who began his teaching from the book of Genesis, showing how the world is God’s and everything in it and how God gave it to man to take care of and look after. As he listened, John’s interest grew. Alex went on to explain how the way in which we take care of what God has given us is not just a blessing for producing harvest, but honors God’s original intention for man as well. John had never heard this connection between God and the very soil he found his life depending on.

Many who were there that day, including John, went home and began to change some of their farming methods, incorporating what they had learned. A few weeks later, Alex received a call from the local church leader of that village, Kalinde, saying that John had recently left his old “Ancestor beliefs” and began to attend his wife’s local church. When asked by Kalinde what had caused him to change, he said it was what he had learned when Alex taught – that God made the land and expected us to take care of it.

It is a great joy to hear stories like this. What adds to this story is that it takes courage to break away from generations of witchcraft. Many people operate on fear and voodoo or other magic and credit that if their crops are good or bad. So, for a man to make a change like this is a good step towards faith. Please continue praying for John and the rest of the people in this village that God would be with them and provide for them this year.

In addition to teaching godly principles in farming, Alex also serves as Maintenance Manager at the Mission and is highly respected by the Mission staff.