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Small World

Mar 5, 2014

After 62 years of marriage, every day is new, special, and different. I love the Scripture that says, “God’s blessings are new every morning.”

Well, it was certainly something new on Valentine’s Day this year and that something new is worth sharing with you.

My good wife, Anita, gave me a Valentine card and a gift. She said “I got you a present, something different, and you will never guess what it is. Just one clue, it is very sweet.” “Is it some kind of cookies or candy?” “No and no.” Well, after the guessing game, I opened it and sure enough it was a first . . . a bag of raw sugar all the way from Malawi, Africa.

She had bought it at a local store in Houston. Malawi does not export oil, or gold, or diamonds, but they do export sugar

. . . Small world. Sidney