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Sounds in the Night

Mar 5, 2014

“Hoot-hoot-hoot” go the owls in the large Jacaranda tree silhouetted by the dark night sky. They are just above our bedroom roof. During the cool months of June, July, and August, the air is chilled and the trees have fewer leaves as the owls build a nest in this old Jacaranda. If they are not disturbed by squirrels, monkeys, or other animals, they will hatch their owlets here. We have seen them now for the last two cold seasons. I am fascinated by this. I watch daily out my bedroom window and see the growth in these little baby owls.

One day, one of the groundskeepers was working near this tree and said, “Hey, look at this! What do you think?” I said, “Yes, they are owls and I think they are neat!” Then he told me he does not like them . . . and the dogs don’t like them either, but their reasons differ. The animals don’t like the way the owls dive-bomb them viciously - but it is because of superstition and tales from the villagers that the groundskeeper is upset. He told me many people believe that if you see an owl, it means a family member of yours will die soon. They associate the owls with witchcraft.

The strange thing is that even some of the Christians around here are bothered by tales of witchcraft. There are many things people still hold on to here that we as Westerners think are irrational. This is another reason Jesus came to relieve us from worries that cause fear.

by Becca Hayes