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The Warm Heart of Africa

Mar 5, 2014

by Gary Evans

Though we are now back home in Texas, part of our hearts are still in Malawi---especially in the form of two little redheads. We had such an amazing experience. There are many powerful and positive components of this wonderful ministry. Of course, it all starts and ends with the Malawian people (and their souls). They are generally reserved by nature, but are so kind, gracious, and appreciative. They are ready for the “Good News” of the Gospel.

As I preached in the local congregation in Thondwe and spoke at a devotional at the Maternity Clinic (both through an interpreter), I was impressed by the rapt attention given to the teaching of God’s Word. These people are hungry to learn. During the time I was teaching the Bible school staff and teachers, I was moved by their genuineness, their interest, and knowledgeable questions and comments. They have an earnest desire to learn in order to teach others and make true disciples. This was very evident. I can assure all that this wonderful work is worthy of our continued support and prayers! It is truly expanding the Kingdom of God. “Thy Kingdom Come.”

There is good reason why Malawi, though one of the poorest countries in the world, is so rich in Christ and why they are called “The Warm Heart of Africa.”