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Blessed by New Vehicle!

Mar 5, 2014

We now have the much-needed vehicle.

After eight months of diligent searching, the decision was made for us to purchase a new Toyota LandCruiser. They are ideal for the rough road conditions in rural Malawi, they carry a lot of people and things, and last a long time. Finding a good, late model used vehicle for sale was impossible. The LandCruisers last so long people keep them until they wear out. Due to our search for nearly a year without being able to locate anything, the Mission Board approved going ahead with the purchase of a new vehicle, for which we are deeply appreciative.

A good LandCruiser is the ideal vehicle for the work we do here, whether it is going deep into the village with a large team, delivering teachers and their materials, donating goods to a remote hospital, or just taking care of daily errands. It also has the ability to serve as an ambulance when there are emergency runs needed from our Maternity Clinic to the larger hospital nearby. Having this land cruiser will be such a blessing.

You may remember that our original goal when we started looking for vehicles last March was to have three of them. We are now two-thirds of the way there and praise God for that and for what you all have done in praying for and contributing to this effort! The last vehicle we are looking for is a full-time ambulance to cover the needs at the Maternity clinic. Though we have "survived" with what we’ve had until now, it is by no means an ideal situation. If our vehicle needs to be out on another errand and a mother at our clinic needs high level attention, we have to call the other hospital for help. This is somewhat unpredictable and at any rate, it is very slow when considering the mother is in an emergency condition to begin with. Having this last vehicle would certainly help.

Now that the rainy season is coming to a close, it means the time for ministry in rural areas will be picking up. We are now being urged by the Malawian organization that oversees our clinic to find a full-time ambulance. The good news is that we do not have to be as picky on this vehicle since it will be traveling mostly on good roads from our Clinic to the nearby hospital. The distance is short and will demand less of this vehicle, plus, the cost for this vehicle will be much less. We are hoping to locate a vehicle for about $19,000.

The two vehicles we have now bought were $29,000 and $62,000, which, though it seems high, these prices are good considering the high quality of one and that the other is new. Last year we raised a total of $75,000 for Mission vehicles. That leaves a shortage of $17,000 in the vehicle fund. This, plus the $19,000 for the final vehicle leaves a need of $36,000 to be raised which will complete our vehicle needs for many years to come.

We earnestly seek your prayers as we search for this final vehicle. Though I really don't like having to ask again, we must request your help. Contributing toward a vehicle can seem less inviting than it would be to give to other things, but having good vehicles is the backbone of our work in many ways. The largest request we have each year is, "Please! Come visit us!" from villagers near and far. People here want to be taught; they want to grow spiritually. Having transportation allows us to help in this area in a large way.

Again, thank you for what you have done and for what you are doing. Please be generous in helping us finish the job with the vehicles so we can move forward with our work. If God moves you to help with this, we will be so grateful.

Ben Hayes