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Mar 5, 2014

by Ben & Becca


A team from Western Hills Church of Christ in Austin came with Dick and Suzi Stephens of the Malawi Project for a one-week visit. They were a blessing to us, and we enjoyed introducing them to Namikango. We also had a visit from Ben’s brother, Ty, who is working in Uganda and a visit from Becca’s parents– Gary & Jane Evans. These visits brought a lot of joy.

Prayer Room:

September of last year we began a weekly prayer vigil that has continued until the present and has become a major addition to our daily operation at the Mission.

Preachers Seminar:

We held a preacher's seminar at the end of October, which created a lot of excitement, as seminars have been absent for the last two or three years.

Bible School Committee Meeting:

Every year Bible School committee members from all the Village Bible School Centres come to Namikango to present a report for their schools, as well as difficulties they may have and what we expect for the coming year. This year we had a total of 1,055 students, exceeding last year. We praise God for this. In addition, two new Bible schools were started in the Northern and Central regions of Malawi, with one more scheduled to begin next year.

Sharing the Vision:

We feel very blessed that God is answering prayer regarding the future of the work here. At recent teaching events we received many comments stating their excitement and encouragement for the future plans we have. This is important as we want the leaders we work with to join and share the vision we have for the future – especially in applying godly principles to daily living and making Christianity real for everyone. God seems to be bringing things together at the right time. We are preparing to develop a strategic plan for the mission in the early months of 2014 and would appreciate your prayers as we do this. This will not come just from us, but will involve the newly formed Board of Directors in the States as well. Additionally, Ryan and Justine Hayes have joined us for ministry here. Please pray for them as they make this transition. Thank you for all your prayers and support. We are blessed to be able to serve here because of you.