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Welcome Ryan & Justine Hayes

Mar 5, 2014

On February 7th, something happened that has not happened at Namikango for almost eight years: the missionary family team expanded from one to two families. The last time there were two families at Namikango was from 2003 to 2005 when the Thiesens joined the Wilkses, who were soon to retire after 30 years of service here in Malawi. Needless to say, Ryan and Justine Hayes’ coming to join the work here has been a massive answer to prayer. Becca and I knew a year and a half ago-when we were getting on the plane to come to Namikango-it was going to be just our family serving here until God provided teammates. One and a half years later, we can hardly believe He responded so quickly.

Beyond us though, it has been the prayer of many staff members here and supporters everywhere that the missionary team would grow. I have written before about the power there is in family bonds and connections among African people, so you can imagine the thoughts of people here when a missionary family arrived with the name 'Hayes,' – (the same name as one of the very first Missionaries - Roland and Wanda Hayes, and closely related to the other Missionaries - B. and Ruth Shelburne) and now, another family from the same Hayes clan has arrived.

We rejoice that they are here! We’ll share more about Ryan and Justine in next month’s newsletter.

Blessings to all of you,