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50 Year Celebration - What A Blessed Event

Sep 11, 2012

50 years of Namikango being in operation have now come and gone and so too the celebration of this achievement that we looked forward to for so long. Reflecting on all the hard work and prayer that was poured into making this gathering possible, it’s easy to see how God was at work through the entire process, and what a blessed event this was.

The celebration took place on Aug. 10-12, and involved several days of teaching, worship, fellowship and eating, and other special events. The late Garnett Limani, who was the Malawian responsible for requesting a missionary to come to this part of Malawi and thus the beginning of Namikango, was honored over the weekend.

In addition, we celebrated the graduation of 11 students from this past year at Namikango Bible School as well as recognizing 60 former graduates from the school. These dated all the way back to the 1960s. One of the highlights of the celebration was honoring the hard work of men from generations back until today as they stood before an attendance of nearly 500 people. Having B. Shelburne, his son David, as well as our friend Patty Shultz from the States join us for the occasion was unforgettable.

David was raised in Malawi and it was his first trip back. So much history in one place! It was wonderful. I consider myself to be especially blessed to have the privilege of watching Brother Shelburne interact with people he's loved and worked with for so many years – these people who now have generously welcomed us into their midst.

So we give thanks to God for all your prayers, thankful that Jesus was glorified by all that happened. May He bless the next 50 years as we all continue to further His Kingdom work at Namikango.

In Christ, Ben