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The Teacher Refresher Course

Apr 2, 2014

This was the best Teacher's Refresher Course we have had in the last 10 years that I've been here!

Those were the words of Rodrick Maluwa at the end of the week-long, annual refresher course we had on campus for our Village Bible Centres teachers. 50 gentlemen from all over Malawi spent the week in study, fellowship, and in prayer. This year's theme was The Life of Christ. We also had classes on "HIV/Aids and the Church" and "Agriculture" which blended with our theme. Here are a few highlights that made the week special.

  1. Symon Katete and Rodrick Maluwa were the ones who opened this year's meeting. This was significant because a year ago at this time, they were both in the hospital after the horrendous head-on accident that could have been fatal. So, just seeing them standing up front was a testimony to God's greatness.
  2. In years past, teachers have been hesitant to teach about HIV/Aids for several reasons, but by gradually introducing this subject last year and continuing this year, these teachers are now ready and energetic about embracing knowledge on this dreaded subject and they are ready to share it with their families and churches. Due to the magnitude of the problem HIV causes in this part of Africa, this is a very encouraging step.
  3. We took three hours for discussing issues that are troubling our churches, allowing the leaders themselves to put such issues forward, and then as a group, going to the Scriptures to look for answers. This was an extremely healthy and important meeting with the Holy Spirit guiding us and blessing all that was discussed. These leaders now feel confident in going home and being able to discuss such things with their own congregations.
  4. Ryan and Justine, having newly arrived on the scene, were quickly able to meet a large number of Namikango affiliates, and these gentlemen were also excited to see the addition of Ryan and Justine to the work here. They were welcomed warmly.
  5. "The Life of Christ" is one of the classes that will be taught this year as part of the curriculum at Namikango Bible School, and we spent a lot of time in the Gospel this week. It had a wonderful impact on all of us. We left the meeting, hopefully looking more like Jesus, and at least with more of a passion to be like Him.

Ben Hayes